Jil Jadid 2016

2016 Conference Program

Thursday, 2/25
6:00pm Pre-Conference Happy Hour

Location: Ruby’s BBQ on Guadalupe & West 29th St
Organizer: Ryan Fan

Friday, 2/26
Student Activity Center (SAC) 1.106

9:30-10:00am Conference Doors Open
Feel free to come in during this time to enjoy coffee and bagels with attendees!

10:00-11:30am New Perspectives in Arabic Language Pedagogy
Moderator: David Henen

Iyad Ghanim, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Maintaining Heritage Arabic: Effect of Age of Acquisition in Conceptual Mediation in Heritage Bilinguals

Lameese Ahmed, University of Texas at Austin
The Role of Transfer in the Writing Interlanguage of Arabic Language Learners

Andrea Facchin, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy
Maharat and Other Concepts: Analytical Categories for Arabic Language Learning and Teaching

11:30-12:45pm Lunch Break
On your own

12:45-2:30pm Gender, Childhood, & The City
Moderator: Kate Goodin

Kelly Houck, University of Texas at Austin
Children of Heaven: The Ideal Child in Post-Revolutionary Iranian Film

Navdeep Sokhey, University of Texas at Austin
The Cairene Women (and Men) Who Talk Funnyii: Negotiating Gender through the Palatalized Nasal

Ghayde Ghraowi, New York University
Reading Space in Form in Elias Khoury’s Abwāb al-Madīna

Chelsie May, University of Chicago
From Iraq to Israel and from Expansion to Contraction: Altered Gender Expectations Among Iraqi Jewis

2:30-2:45pm Break

2:45-4:30pm Issues in Modern Dialects
Moderator: Sarah Schwartz

Michael Turner, University of Texas at Austin
From Verb of Motion to Verbal Complementizer? The Case of Moroccan Arabic baʃ

Simone Bettega, University of Torino (Italy)
Patterns of Agreement in Modern Omani Dialects

Thomas Leddy-Cecere, University of Texas at Austin
Contact-Induced Grammaticalization as an Impetus for Arabic Pluriform Development

Phillip Stokes, University of Texas at Austin
ẖarābīš miftāḥiyyah: the key role of the Pre-Islamic inscriptions in historical analysis of the contemporary Arabic dialects

4:30-4:45: Welcome Speech & Opening Remarks

4:45-5:00pm Break & Walk to Texas Governor’s Room

5:00pm Literature Keynote Address

Texas Governor’s Room, Union 3.116
Dr. Zeina G. Halabi, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The End of Prophecy: The Figure of the Intellectual in Contemporary Arabic Literature

7:00pm Conference Banquet
Clay Pit (1601 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX 78701)

Saturday, 2/27
Student Activity Center (SAC) 2.120

10:30-12:15pm Enacting Identity Through Performance & Language
Moderator: Rama Hamarneh

Itay Eisinger, University of Texas at Austin
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover—on Kashua and Shelach

Alex Kreger, University of Texas at Austin
Mediation, Contestation, and Alevi “Deyiş” in Contemporary Turkey

Sarah Schwartz, University of Texas at Austin
The Indexicality of [t͡ʃ]: Coronal Palatalization Among Moroccan Slam Poets and Rappers

Amir Aziz, University of Texas at Austin
Reinventing Algerian Identity in Performing Kateb Yacine’s Popular Theatre in Vernacular Arabic

12:15-1:30pm Lunch Break*
*Lunch will be provided

1:30-3:00pm Reading History Through Texts and Texts Through History
Moderator: Radwa El-Barouni

Guy Ron-Gilboa, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Rhinoceros on the Volga? The ʿAğāʾib of Ibn Faḍlān Reconsidered

Tynan Kelly, University of Chicago,
Intertextuality Through Dialogism and Rhetoric in the Poetry of Ibn al-Farid

Jeremy Farrell, Emory University
How to Criticize a Numbskull: Asceticism and Authority in Ibn al-Jawzī’s (d. Baghdad, 1201) Kitāb al-Ḥamqā wa-l-mughaffalīn

3:00-3:15pm Break

3:15-4:45pm Egyptian Arabic and its Relatives
Moderator: Katy Whiting

David Henen, University of Texas at Austin
A Corpus Linguistic Exploration of the Particle Yā in Five Egyptian Films

Jason Schroepher, University of Texas at Austin
A Variationist Approach to Analyzing Alif in Aswan Arabic

Ryan Fan, University of Texas at Austin
Deictic and Sequential Timelines in Egyptian Arabic and Egyptian Sign Language

4:45-5:00pm Break

5:00pm Linguistics Keynote Address

Dr. Kristen Brustad, University of Texas at Austin
The Culture of Language

*Conference details are subject to change and will be posted to our website as they occur.