2018 Guidelines for Presenters

Jil Jadid is a safe space for graduate students to share their ideas and engage with their peers on their research topics, hopefully developing them further for future academic gatherings based on the questions, comments and exchanges that take place during their presentations.

  • For your presentation, we ask that you plan to orally communicate your research in a manner that encourages dialogue with and among other conference participants and attendees. Since the conference aims to promote discussion and exchange of ideas within our field, it is not necessary to read your paper. You can read your paper if you choose to, but kindly make sure that it is delivered in a way that is engaging and purposeful.
  • Every presentation has been allotted 20 minutes, and each session will include a final Q & A discussion time after all presenters on the panel have presented.
    • Panels that have three presenters have been allotted 75 minutes:
      Three 20-minute presentations, followed by 15 minutes for Q & A.
    • Panels that have four presenters have been allotted 105 minutes:
      Four 20-minute presentations, followed by 25 minutes for Q & A.
  • Please bring your PowerPoint presentations or any audio media files you want to present on at least two different mediums (e.g., on a flash drive, on your personal computer, uploaded to Google Drive…). The usual cables for connecting a personal laptop to a data show (etc.) will be provided, but if you need a specific HDMI that is not standard, then please bring it with you.