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The abstract submission portal is now closed for February’s conference, but stay tuned—next year’s call for papers will open in Fall 2018!


2018 Annual Conference—Call for Papers

All papers treating topics in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish and any other Middle Eastern literatures and linguistics, including all its subfields such as applied linguistics, and from any time period, will gladly be considered. In addition to original research, we also welcome state-of-the-field papers that provide a focused overview of specific subfields and propose new avenues of research in the chosen area. This year, we also strongly encourage students from Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Islamic studies to submit their abstracts to Jil Jadid as there will be panels specifically for these fields.

Papers to be presented at other conferences are more than welcome, as we wish to provide a forum for students to further develop and refine their research.


Applicants may submit abstracts of no more than a single-spaced page with 12-pt font and 1-inch margins in Times New Roman (not including references). Abstracts longer than one page will not be considered.

The deadline for abstracts is December 1, 2017. Abstracts should not include identifying information; you must, however, indicate the highest degree you have obtained and your current position (e.g. ”M.A., Graduate Student,” ”Ph.D., Assistant Professor,” etc.). Only submissions from current or recent graduate students will be considered.